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Comenzi servere Minecraft

/? - lists commands available, same as /help.
/ban <player> - bans the player with the typed name from the server. They remain banned until the /pardon command is used.
/ban-ip <ip> - bans the player with the typed name via IP address. This allows admins to prevent people who use alternate accounts to circumvent bans, but should be used in moderation, as it prevents any other person using the IP from playing in the server as well; this can be frustrating for people playing from school or library computer labs. Banip does not block the account itself.
/deop <player> - removes op status from the player with the typed name. Inverse is /op.
/give <player> <item> [num] - give the named player num’s worth of the item number. If "num" is not specified, one is given.
/help - lists commands available, same as /?.
/home - move self to original spawn point.
/kick <player> - forces the player with the typed name to disconnect from the server.
/kill <player> - does 1000 points damage to the player, killing them. Wrong! Tested and no matter what it kills you and you alone. Tested by Lancer_Vance
/list - displays a list of connected players in your chatlog
/op <player> - makes the player with the typed name an Op. Inverse is /deop.
/pardon <player> - removes the /ban on the player with the typed name, allowing them to reenter the server.
/pardon-ip <ip> - pardon the /ban-ip location.
/save-all - forces a map save.
/save-off - turns off auto-save.
/save-on - turns on auto-save.
/say <message> - broadcasts a message to all players.
/setspawn - sets current location to the spawn point. Deprecated?
/stop - gracefully stops the server.
/tell <player> <message> - sends a private message to a player.
/tp <player1> <player2> - moves one player to the same location as another player, e.g., "/tp bob jim" will teleport bob to jim.
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Comenzi Servere Minecraft
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